Activities - New 2022/2023

Expert in class


In addition to the online lesson, this year the most demanding and motivated classes will be able to have an expert in the classroom, who will share his experiences as a marine biologist, telling the life of marine organisms and inspiring concrete actions, aimed at protecting the biodiversity of this extraordinary environment. It will be an ideal opportunity to prepare one subsequent visit to the Aquarium or participation in one of our focuses: the type of lesson can be agreed with the teachers based on the program they are carrying out, adapting it to the school age of the students.

Available from November 2022 to March 2023 -  Duration:  90 '-
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Citizen science

Target: Primary I° and II° Grade
Duration 1h 30' 

Underwater life develops around anything: even the pier of a marina can over time become a habitat full of life! Let's learn together to collect, observe, recognize and return the various forms of life to the sea, we will thus analyze the health conditions of the habitat examined, going to identify the indicative species of state of health of our waters: become a citizen scientist!

Yours comments may help a who deals with the sea every day.

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