Activities - New 2022/2023

Focus Ecology means "Study of the house" -New

Target: Primary, Secondary I° and II° Grade
Duration 1h  

What is the name of the "house" where we all live? Obviously we are talking about planet Earth, a planet that needs our help, learning to consume resources (water/food) in a sustainable way, adopting our good environmental-saving practices and avoiding spreading waste (plastic/chemicals) that endanger the life of other living beings. At the end of this experience our function will become that of "sentinels of nature", that is people who act both by informing the authorities when they see situations of ecological degradation, and by intervening in everyday life, stimulating parents and friends to have a style of cleaner and more sustainable life.

Focus_ The predators of the Tuscan sea

Target: Primary from the 3° Class, Secondary I° and II° Grade
Duration: 1h 

The Mediterranean Sea is the second area in the world with the highest rate of biodiversity after the Amazon forest; inside, right in front of us, there is the heart of this biodiversity. the Pelagos sanctuary! Not everyone knows that predators play a fundamental role for Biodiversity, even in the Pelagos Sanctuary, and are therefore monitored every day by the scientific community to define the state of health of an ecosystem! What are the predators swimming in the Tuscan sea? Come and find out with us, through this interesting focus which, as well as introducing you to extraordinary creatures, will leave you with lots of food for thought, making you discover that we are the real predators!

Lab -The perfect little sharks - New

Target: Nursery, Kindergarten
Duration: 1h

Are you afraid of sharks? Become a little shark! Find out how these animals live all day underwater, you will know their friends and enemies, prey and predators, discovering that behind their sharp teeth there are many new friends to save!

Lab -CSI Anatomy of a predator - New

Target: Primari (from the 3rd class), Secondary I° and II° Grade
Duration: 1h30' 

How do we distinguish a predator from a prey? what are the specific characteristics that make an infallible predator? As scientific police technicians, we investigate together through anatomical models, scientific findings and biological preparations, analyzing scale by scale these wonderful animals, not necessarily equipped with sharp teeth, but more often with superfine intelligence. Let's unmask them together and learn to appreciate them for the important ecological role they play.. 

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