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Behind the scenes

Come “Behind the Scenes at Livorno Aquarium and discover what’s hidden behind our display tanks!

On this guided visit - led by expert and qualified staff members - you’ll discover all the secrets and curiosities of the technical area of Livorno Aquarium, like the care tanks used as nurseries where the various species hosted by the aquarium grow until they reach a size suitable for life in the display tanks, where new arrivals are kept in quarantine, and where sick animals receive any necessary medical treatments.


In addition there are complex technical systems, the control area used to monitor and check their correct operation, the kitchen where food is prepared and conserved, and the laboratory where the necessary chemical and physical analyses on tank water are carried out.

The visit ends with access to the technical area over the display tanks, with views from above of the rear of the shipwreck tank and the Mediterranean and Tropical itineraries of the Gregotti galleries. After the guided “Behind the Scenes” circuit, you can start or continue the visit to the normal aquarium itinerary.

The special "Behind the scenes" is available in Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 4 pm and at other times of these days (when the minimum number of participants is reached). Duration: 45minutes Price: € 4.00 per person (to be added to aquarium admission price).

Tickets available at the Livorno Aquarium ticket office. Info and bookings on:
Tel. 0586-269.111.154 (Mon.–Fri. 8.30 am–1 pm and 2 pm–5.30 pm) info@acquariodilivorno.it

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Everyone together with Otto

Have fun with Livorno Aquarium’s friendly mascot Otto - the Octopus - and discover together the beauty of the sea and the characteristics and curiosities of the creatures that live there.

Our mascot will offer special games for all children and teenagers visiting Livorno Aquarium in front of its main display tanks, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging them to participate actively in safeguarding the marine environment.

The animation "Tutti sotto insieme ad Otto" is available Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 11 am - Duration: 1h - Price: Included with the aquarium admission ticket.

During Christmas holidays, the animation "Tutti sotto insieme ad Otto" will be available at 11 am in special date:

22 and 23 December
26 December
28,29 and 30 December
1 and 2 January 2019
4,5,and 6 January 2019

Acquario di Livorno will be closed the 24th and 25th December 2018

infos Tel. 0586/269.111-154 info@acquariodilivorno.it

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