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The Star 2014: the turtle Ari

The new arrival 2014: the turtle Ari

The Star 2014 of Acquario di Livorno is Ari, a wonderful green turtle  arrived in 2014 to keep company to "Cuba", the former star of the structure for the 2013 Campain of Acquario di Livorno.



"Ari", a famale green turtle specimen, like "Cuba", has a really original history. The animal has been stolen, newborn in 1991, by an italian tourist who was on holidays at Maldives Islands, in particolar from the Ari atoll from which the animal has taken the name, and was then abandoned at the Dolphinarium of Riccione. Entrusted to CITES Service of State Forestry, "Ari" has then been delivered to Acquario di Genova. At that time, Ari had a weight of 11kilos.


Today, "Ari" has an estimated weight of 180kilos and is long (from the head to the tail) about 160 cm. Everyday "Ari" eats 2,5 kilos of vegetables and 1,5 kilos of mollusc and crustaceans.


"Ari" and "Cuba" are animals illegally imported, sequestered by CITES Service of State Forestry and entrusted firstly to Acquario di Genova, and later to Acquario di Livorno.


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