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Special tour"Behind the scenes"

Target: Primary School and Secondary School I° and II° Grade - Duration: 1h - Minimum number of participants: 15 paying persons.


For schools, it is disposable the special tour "Behind the scenes": a guided tour to discover what is behind the tanks of Acquario di Livorno. All you have always asked to know about how an acquarium works and how biologists can recreate the natural environment inside the tanks. Let's go discovering together the "Behind the scenes"!

Using particular areas of Acquario di Livorno through the observation of display tanks and with specific teaching aids,  learning these concepts will be easier than a lesson in class, creating in students a strong sense of responsability and desire to take care of our Planet. 

This special visit gives students the opportunity to discover - with a quilified and expert guide - the secrets and curiosities of the area that is behind the expositive tanks of Acquario di Livorno. And everything that allows the maintenance of the Acquario di Livorno tanks and their organisms.


Moreover, students will observe the methods of water filtration, the preparation and conservation of the food, the chemical-physical analysis to control the water quality and the animal health.


A unique experience, outside the exhibition area of Acquario di Livorno, with a private access to the curatorial areas, where animals stay at the arrival before being inserted in the exhibition tanks.


The activity costs Euro 3,50 per person (in addition to the entrance ticket to Acquario di Livorno).

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