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Tickets are refundable?

All tickets are not refundable for any reasons

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Can I pay by debit card?

Yes, you can pay by debit card.

During this Covid Emergency, it is recommended payment by card. 

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Do you have audioguides?

No, at present no audioguide service is available.

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After leaving, can I come back on the same day using the same ticket?

No, the admission ticket can be used once only.

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Ticket online gives the right to skip the line?

No, the ticket online doesn't give the right to skip the line

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Are cloakroom facilities available?

Yes, a cloakroom service is available paying 1 Euro

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Is the ticket office always open?

The ticket office closes 1h before the aquarium closes.


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Can I take photos inside Livorno Aquarium?

Yes, but for personal use only; flash photography is not permitted.

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How long can I stay at the aquarium?

There are no time limits, as long as the aquarium opening and closing times are respected.

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Is there a restaurant on the visitor itinerary?

No, there are no catering or refreshment points on the Livorno Aquarium visitor itinerary, and food and drinks cannot be brought into the aquarium.

Adjacent to the aquarium there is instead the new Surfer Joe’s Diner, an American-style restaurant offering excellent international cuisine and fast food. Open from breakfast-time to late at night, with evening concerts, DJ sets and other entertainment events.

Info and bookings on 0586-809211 Email: info@surferjoe.it - www.surferjoe.it

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How long do visits last?

Visits last about 90 minutes.

Access is also possible from the exhibition onto the panoramic terrace with a view of Livorno promenade and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

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Can I book a parking space?

No, at present it is not possible to book parking spaces.

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Where’s the nearest car park?

The nearest car park is right in front of Livorno Aquarium, with 120 parking spaces currently available by payment, of which 4 free for disable.  The access to the park is enable to accomodate coaches with 25seats, campers and roulettes - with double rate. It is not allowed the entrance to the park to buses and pullman of 50 seats.
Free parking spaces for motorbikes are provided in front of the aquarium. 

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Is there a special itinerary to follow at the aquarium?

Yes, the recommended itinerary starts at the ground floor from the Diacinto Cestoni Room with its 12 “Pearls of the Mediterranean” display tanks to the Greco-Roman marine archaeology area in the Shipwreck Room.


The visit continues at first floor with the new tour "A New World" dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles. 

During this Covid emergency period, we invite you to follow the route path and not go back. 


After visiting this area, it is possible to acceed to the Panoramic Terrace from where to admire the beauties of the sea coast and the islands of the Tuscan Arcipelago. 

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Can I bring pets into the aquarium?

For health and hygiene reasons, only small dogs held in the arms or in a specific carrying bag can be taken on the Livorno Aquarium visitor itinerary.

No other animals may be brought into the aquarium.

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What isn’t allowed inside Livorno Aquarium?

It is not allowed to take flash photos, to shoot films with video camera lights, to eat or drink, to smoke, or to bring in animals.

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