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The flat fishes

The flat fishes

After the fascinatin Pelagos Sanctuary and the Marine Protected Areas, in this tank it is possible to admire specimens of flat fishes that are used to swim on the sea floor as some specimen of rays (Raja sp.) and turbot  (Bothus podas). 

The tub has two different sandy bottoms to allow visitors to admire the mimicism of these animals.


The ray is a cartilagineous fish belonging to the family of selaci which also includes sharks and manta rays. It is characterized by the dorso-ventral flattened form. He lives on the sandy bottoms with which it is able to easly camouflage thanks to the flat shape that allows him to hide under the sandy coat and its livery similar of the colour of the seabed. 
The roar of sand is a flish of the flattened form and the movement of the eyes that occurs indipendently. At birth the eyes are on the two sides of the body, but after some time the right eye moves to the dorsal part of the body. 

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