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These activies are focus related to specific parts of Acquario di Livorno, where some exhibition tanks are used to deepen the interesting themes of marine habitat.


These activities can be either an amusing game or a detailed lesson. Available for Primary School, Secondary School I° and Secondary School II°. Activity held for a minimum of 15 paying persons. 



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Plastifiniamola - NEWS 2017/2018

Target: Primary School, Secondary School I° and Secondary School II° - Duration: 1h - Minimum participants: 15 paying persons. 

Plastic: a material that revolutioned our daily vision.

Today, thousands of tons of plastic are unfortunately dispersed creating a serious problem for the environment and the humanity. 

With this focus, we will learn together the good practices to observe to recycle this waste, thus containing the damage it has caused. 


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Mission evolution

Target: Primary School (from the 4th Class), Secondary School I° and Secondary School II° - Duration: 1h - Minimum participants: 15 paying persons. 

Life has not always been as we see it nowadays. In the long history of our planet, all the species have changed following each a different evolution. 

Some of them became extinct, others transforming themselves were able to resist until today adapting to the ever changing environment. 

In a "voyage" between water and land, students will learn - together with a biologist - how evolution plays a strategic role in the survival of life on our planet. 

The new thematic tour   "Mission Evolution" is addressed to students of the Primary School (starting from 4° Class), Secondary I° and Secondary Grade II°. Duration: 1h - Cost: Euro 3,00 per student (free entrance for teacher). Activities subject to the ticket - Rates are valid for groups of minimum 15 paying persons.

For info and reservations: Tel. 0586 / 269111-154 - booking@acquariodilivorno.it

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The Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity

Target: Primary School  and Secondary School of I° and II° Grade  – Duration: 1h - Minimum number of participants: 15 paying persons.


"Sailing" between the tanks more representative of our sea, the students will observe - together with an expert guide  -the different organisms living, discovering a wealth of unique biodiversity in the world.


The Mediterranean sea - so close to us - has a surprising biodiversity to know.


Participants will discover the Mediterranean Sea in all its aspects, and will learn how to protect and respect it, thanks to a a guided visit along some tanks of the display itinerary of Acquario di Livorno.


Thanks to the contact with an expert biologist and the direct observation of tank inhabitants, students will live with a direct experience the biological characteristics of Mediterranean Sea species, and they will also study various themes related to the Mediterranean ecology.


Did you know the Mediterranean Sea is becoming a tropical Sea? In front of the most representative tanks of the Mediterranean Sea, students will listen the history of this fascinating habitat and observ how it is mutating, what species lived in it at the origins and which one will come to live there in the future. Moreover, the risks of the Mediterranean Sea and what we all can do to preserve it.


The activity lasts 1h and costs Euro 3,00 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket to Acquario di Livorno). Teachers free. Prices for minimum 15 paying persons.


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