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Webinar - Focus


Since this year, you can partecipate to one of the 3 focus available in a "webinar" way. 
An expert biologist will give the lesson, going deep in the theme with interective and esperiences activities, thanks to videos and multimedial materials.
Participants will need internet connection and multimedia instruments.
The lesson will be with Teams or other similar softwares. We invite participants to a technical test 15' before the lesson.

Cost Euro 3,50 per person (minimum Euro 90 per class)

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These focuses represent an opportunity to goo deep into very topical environmental issues, providing students and teachers the tools to learn how to remedy the damage caused by anthropogenic activity, starting an harmonious and sustaianble coexistence with Nature and its protagonists. Using particular areas of Acquario di Livorno, through the observation of exhibition tanks and specific educational supports, to learn these concepts will be easier than a classroom lesson, creating a strong sense of responsibility in the children and the stimulus to take care of our Planet

Starting from this year, focuses are available also online with an expert biologist for student of Primary School (from III year) and Secondary I° and II° 

Available for Primary School, Secondary School I° and Secondary School II°. Activity held for a minimum of 15 paying persons. 



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Target: Primary School, Secondary School I° and Secondary School II° - Duration: 1h - Minimum participants: 15 paying persons. 

Plastic: a material that has radically revolutionized our daily life, today represents a serious environmental problem.

The "Our Ocean" campaign, born in Malta in 2017, involves all the Aquariums of the World in a single appeal against the dispersion of waste at sea and in particular plastic objects: whether they are Macro, Micro or Nano Plastics  does not matter, as long as they stay out of the Sea and the Environment, being disposed of according to the law.

Let's find out what happens to Plastic in the Sea through the tropical tanks of Aquarius: every year, millions of creatures die with their stomachs full of these materials, an example of this are the turtles saved at our recovery center!

Knowing the problem, together we can solve it by becoming the future champions of the sea.

The activity lasts 1h. The participation has a cost of Euro 3 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket), For teachet the activity is free. Fares are for minimum 15 paying people. 

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Target: Primary School (from the 4th Class), Secondary School I° and Secondary School II° - Duration: 1h - Minimum participants: 15 paying persons. 

The Mediterranean Sea is an extraordinary habitat rich in life and of presiding environments: for this reason it is a heritage to safeguard through important national and international actions and initiatives such as the establishment of the Cetacean Sanctuary Pelagos, the creation of  the Marine protected areas and The Tuscan Oobservatory for the Biodiversity, with which Acquario di Livorno collaborates with its Recovery and Reabilitation centre for Marine Turtles.

Just like the terrestrial ones, the sea turtles also have a formidable memory, kept not only in their brains, but also in every single cell of their body.

In fact, the study of their skin allow us, thanks to their longevity, to have a good idea of the evolution of the environment in which they live: for this reason, the Caretta caretta in particular have been elected by the scientific community "a symbol species" of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Let's try not to miss the opportunity to know thes extraordinary animals, studying the biology of the 3 species present in the Mediterranean Sea, discovering their habits, characteristics and common points with our species.

We will learn how to recognize them, report their present to the authorities  and possibly help them in case of difficulty. We therefore become the "true friends of the sea turtles

The activity lasts 1h. The pasticipation has a cost of Euro 3 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket). For theacher is free. Fares are for minimum 15 paying people. 

For info and reservations: Tel. 0586 / 269111-154 - booking@acquariodilivorno.it

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Target: Primary School (from the 3rd class) and Secondary School of I° and II° Grade  – Duration: 1h - Minimum number of participants: 15 paying persons.

The Mediterranean Sea is the second area in the world with the higest rate of biodiversity after the Amazon forest, for that reason it must be protected through important national and international actions such as the institution of the Pèlagos Cetacean Sanctuary, the creation of the Marine Protected Areas and, within the Tuscany Region, with the establishment of the Tuscan Observatory for Biodiversity, of which Acquario di Livorno has become the Information Point. 

To inform citizens and tourists is the first step to start "all together" to protect this priceless treasure, wictim of anthropic activities.
Students can be the way of this change! Become a Champion of Biodiversity with us, learning to make concrete actions to share with your friend in order to protect the Mare Nostrum.  


The activity lasts 1h and costs Euro 3,00 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket to Acquario di Livorno). Teachers free. Prices for minimum 15 paying persons.


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