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Gift shop

Acquario di Livorno is home to a large e bright Gift Shop full of thematic products declined with the animal stars' images (the green turtles "Ari" and "Cuba" and the Napoleon fish). 


The Giftshop - managed by Sillabe - is completely renewed with a new layout  and a wide range of products and merchandise and specialized objects, from papermaking to toys, from accessories to clothing and confectionery products.  


Shelves outfitted with peluches and toys on hand for adults and children, counters with helical structures, large and bright fitted walls. 

In line with the attention that Costa Edutainment and Sillabe always place on environmental and social sustainability, the colorful creations of the social cooperative BrikkeBrakke are welkome for the first time in the renovated shop, which carries out activities aimed at the employment of the disadvantaged people producing objects made with natural and recycled materials, and giving life to unique creations made entirely by hand in ceramic, glass, wood, paper and other recycled materials. 



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