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Our aim

To offer a significant educational approach capable of allowing students to enjoy direct contact with the marine ecosystem and to become responsible participants capable of understanding new ideas and aspects. There are no age limits for environmental education, as it can “last for the whole existence, preparing people for life, and directly and continuously involving all generations in accordance with the concept that we all have something to learn from others” (Charter of the Principles of Environmental Education, Fiuggi 1997).

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Opportunities not to be missed

Knowledge as the ideal tool to protect and love the sea: this is our creed, and it is on the basis of this creed that we organize visits to our aquarium, where every point along its display itineraries offers an opportunity to examine numerous themes in greater detail. The staff of our Educational and Cultural Department aims to provide schools with full assistance for all themed projects.

This is the principle that underlies our commitment to spread the culture of this amazing environment in an enjoyable and innovative way. Our work is founded on our passion and desire to transmit our emotions, not only to promote the sea, but also to educate and instruct for a correct use of its resourses so to raise awareness on the remarkable importance of this environment.

The only way to appreciate every detail of Acquario di Livorno is to avail of a guide careful and prepared. Our guides are all graduated in biology and they will be able to tell you the secrets of every animal, pass onto you our mission: to know the sea to protect it and its inhabitants.


The guided tours for school groups are calibrated depending on the school grade and level of the participants.

The guided tour takes place through the tanks of Acquario di Livorno, to discover the marine ecosystems and their protagonists: an exciting journey that will give the students the opportunity to get in touch with the sea life and to go back home with a greater awareness of what is important and useful to do to safeguard this wonderful world.


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The guided tours

Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School I° and II° 

The guided visit is trough Acquario di Livorno exhibit, to discover the beauties of the sea and its stars: a travel that will get the students closers to the sea and go back home to a more consciousness of what is useful to save this wonderful worlds (Duration: 1h)

For Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School I° and II° 

The tour starts on the ground floor through the Acquario di Livorno exhibit, then leave the blue of the abyss and will continue on the first floor with a guided tour of the reptiles area dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles  (Duration: 1h30') following the leafcutting ants that move from the nest to the area where they can find the leaves they need to create the fungus of which they feed.

For Nursery and Kindergarten. 

Acquario di Livorno in small size! A special tour dedicated to the youngest children: through the path of the tanks on the ground floor, children will learn about the large variety of forms of life that inhabit our seas, all in a playful and stimulating way. An emotioning trip discovering the beauties of the sea (Duration: 1h)  
* we recommend the accompaniment of adults for Nursery. 


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