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The Kelp: the submerged forest

The Kelp: the submerged forests - New 2019

From 6th April 2019, the new tank dedicated to kelp and the submerged forests of this habitat.

Kelp is an Anglo-Saxon term that indicates several species of Macroalgae able to develop in height for several meters, to form a real submerged forest. Each forest can be constituted by several species of algal, among which the most famous is Macrocystis Pirifera or Fucus, known by the population because the extracts are very used in cosmetics. The amount of animal species that we can find in this habitat is unbelievable; We are witnessing a real zoning, with species that occupy in a specific way the various levels of the water column, from the bottom to the surface.

These environments are distributed mainly in the temperate and polar zones of the oceans, although there is one near the tropical coast of Ecuador.

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