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A New World: insects, amphibians and reptiles.

A New World: insects, amphibians and reptiles

At first floor of Acquario di Livorno, will be disposable the new exhibit "A New World"  that will offer the visitor the possibility to live an emotioning and fascinating experience, passing from the water to the ground.




In an area of about 120sm, the visitor will have the chance to admire the beauties and curiosities of some insects, amphibians and reptiles in terrari.


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The Setting

The setting and also the colours change here. The blu of the abyss gives way to the green of the forests where these animals live.


The sets and capts complete the involvement in the visit tour, giving some infos to transfer to the visitors knowledge and raise awareness on environmental issues.

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The specimens


Animals as complex as unjustly unpopular for the repugnance that sometimes some species cause.



The butterfly, for example, is an insect but, thanks to its colors, often can transfer positive feelings associated with beauty and fantasy. After the bacteria, the butterflies are the absolute rulers of our planet, with a number of species that can exceed 1 million.




At larval stage of their lives, the amphibians live submerged in water, where they breathe using gills of which are equipped. Once grown, the amphibians develop lungs to breathe on land.



The caecilians and salamanders are amphibians certainly less known than the frogs and toads that instead we learn to recognise ever since we are young thanks to fairy tales where they often play an important role. 


Frogs and toads also have the ability to "sing": males use their air pockets at the sides of their head to issue the famous verse called "croaking" .


The Reptiles

To the group of reptiles belong some of most feared-man animals, such as snakes and crocodiles.

However in nature, most of the reptiles is harmless: an example is the slow tortoises or the cute geckos, which in some regions to emit a very singular and sometimes annoying.


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