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The octopus-New June 2019

The octopus -From June 2019

From June 2019  visitors can see a tank dedicated to the intelligent Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)

The idea of dedicating a tub to this mollusk cephaloid very well known and linked to the possibility of highlighting all that is commonly not known about this animal. Nobody in fact imagines that it has 3 hearts, that it is diffused in all the seas of the world and that it is able to "learn by association", like. observing the behaviour of other similar ones. This ability, in particular has been found in the animal kingdom only in some mammals, including man!

It Also amazes in an invertebrate, the total dedication of the females with respect to the eggs, which protect by sacrificing their own life until the birth of the last larva.

For such an articulated protagonist a specific tank was created where it is possible to highlight its cognitive abilities and to see it interacting with objects or food.

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