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Insects, amphibians and reptiles

Insects, amphibians and reptiles

The visit will continue at first floor of Acquario di Livorno with this area where visitors can live an emotioning experience, the passage from water to the ground.

In a 120 sm area, visitors can admire some insects, amphibians and reptiles inside terrari.

In particular,  the dart frog, the articulated centipede, the iguana, the stick insect and much more. 

 New 2018: the leaf cutting ants -

From 2018, was set up on the first floor of the structure, in the area dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles a new exhibit: a veritable anthill of leaf cutting ants.

A very original and interesting exhibit, consisting of two main showcases – the "Teca Nest" and the "Reliquary Storage" – connected by transparent acrylic pipes that cross the entire room and inside which the leafcutting ants (Atta Cephalotes) always intent on transporting the leaves that they are cutting.

The main reliquary – placed at the entrance of the reptile – has the function of "Teca Nest" where the colony of ants lives and carries out most of the activities. The case has an area of about 5 sqm for a volume of about 340lt occupied for the most part by land in which the ants themselves construct the different spaces. From the two sides of the "Teca Nest" depart two pipes in transparent acrylic that run in both senses the entire path of the reptile and in which the ants move.

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