Visiting the Aquarium

Before starting the visit, we need to understand exactly what an aquarium is and how we should observe it. An aquarium must not be thought simply as a space delimited by glass walls, but it should be seen as a window on a world that is largely unknown to us.

It is difficult therefore to consider it like a painting or a photograph. Here the observer must in fact face the constant challenge of a panorama that changes over time, bursting with life and with protagonists that - when patiently watched - reveal their secrets and most representative patterns of behaviour.

So don't rush your visit, but instead we suggest you to dedicate enough time to each tank, even the smallest one, which usually reserves the best surprises.


The itinerary combines marine environments and a series of exhibits with an exhibit at first floor dedicated to the world of insects, amphibians and reptiles.

Acquario di Livorno offers visitors exhibits on two levels:

  • ground floor: aquatic itinerary featuring a full immersion into nature with reconstructions of different marine environments.
  • first flooran exhibit dedicated to discover the beauties and curiosities of the world of insects, amphibians and reptiles that guest a lot of animals such as chamaleon, steck insect,the dart frog and much more. From first floor it is possible to acced to the Panoramic Terrace to admire the beauties of the sea promenade and the islands of the Tuscan Arcipelago.

The visit to the exhibit  at first floor is included in the entrance ticket. 

Greek-Roman archaeological area

Before going upstairs to discover insects, amphibiants and reptiles, the final part of this enthralling voyage to discover the wonders of the sea is the Greek-Roman archaeological Area - a large tank visible from four different sides - containing a reproduction of a Roman shipwreck and the Arcipelago TOscano. 

Here you can rest and admire the natural “show” of the Mediterranean Sea reproduced in the tank, sitting on the auditorium steps situated one of its main sides. You can admire the great sea bass exemplary, the snappers, the sea bream and grouper who constantly patrol the dry environment reproduced in this tank.

Insects, amphibians and reptiles.

After the beauties of the sea at ground floor, you can continue your visit at first floor the area dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles where is visible an anthill with leaf cutting ants. The blue of the sea conduces to the green of the habitat where these animals live. 

Star of this area the fascinating and mimetic Chameleon and and the african Giant Snail

Moreover,the poisonous dart frog ...

...and the mimetic insect 

Panoramic Terrace

You can conclude your visit with the panoramic terrace with view on the sea promanade and the beauties of the fascinating islands of the Tuscan Arcipelago.

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