Kelp - New 2019

News 2019 - Kelp is an Anglo-Saxon term that indicates different species of Macroalgae capable of growing in height for several meters, to form a real submerged forest. Each forest can be made up of several algal species among which the best known is Macrocystis pirifera or fucus, known by the population because the extracts are widely used in cosmetics. The amount of animal species that we can find in this habitat is incredible; we are witnessing a real zoning, with species occupying the various levels of the water column in a specific way, from the bottom to the surface.

These habitats are mainly distributed in the temperate and polar zones of the oceans, even if one is present near the tropical coast of Ecuador. This tank houses some specimens of Caribbean sea eagle (Rhinoptera bonasus). ​​​​​​​

The name eagle is attributed to it due to the shape of its body and the way it swims, which recalls the flight of a bird of prey. It can reach one meter in length and weigh up to 10-15kg. It usually swims in small shoals on sandy bottoms up to 30 – 50 meters deep or on the surface.


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