Eagle ray

Admire di eagle rays flying over you

It is visible in the tunnel where it swims together with some owl fishes and raven fishes. 

The Eagle ray (Myliobatis aquila) is a cartilaginous fish of the eagle ray family, spread in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Adriatic Sea.

The name "eagle" is due to the shape of the body and the swimming that are a reminder of a flight of a bird of prey.

This specimen can reach a meter wide and weight up to 5-10 kilos.

Of gregarious habits, it is usual to swim in small shoal on sandy bottoms, up to 30-50 meters below the surface.

The Eagle ray is ovoviviparus, which means that gives birth to the small calves already formed, in varying number from 2 to 6 at time.
It feeds mainly on crustaceans and molluscs it finds on the seabed.

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