The flying fishes

Continuing the visitors can experience the thrilling experience of watching over their heads of elegant sea eagles, along with specimens of leopard fish and some flying gurnard

The Sea Eagle (Myliobatis eagle) is a cartilaginous fish not widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and common in the Adriatic Sea. The name eagle is attributed to the shape of the body and the way in which it swims, which is reminiscent of the flight of a bird of prey.It can reach the meter in length and weigh up to 10-15kg. It is usual to swim in small benches on the sandy seabed from the surface up to 30 – 50 m of depth.

The Leopard fish (Scyliorhinus stellaris) is a shark in the Scyliorhinidae family characterized by a marred livery with dark stripes and dots. It lives all over the Mediterranean and on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Of nocturnal habits it is usual to rest on rocky rocks or sandy beds near the cliff. It feeds on shellfish and shellfish that shatters with the powerful teeth.

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