The flying fishes

Continuing, visitors can live the exciting experience of seeing numerous specimens fly above their heads including:

 Mediterranean sea eagles (Myliobatis aquila)

Like all species of sea eagle, it has two large pectoral fins which it uses for swimming like the wings of a bird and a long whip-shaped tail at the base of which there is a poisonous sting, whose toxin is thermolabile. It is a coastal species that populates the temperate waters of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, often swimming near the surface

The ravens Corvina is a very corpulent and robust fish that inhabits the waters of the Mediterranean Sea at a depth between five and sixty meters, the most populated areas however remain those between fifteen and forty meters. This fish likes to live in caves or near cliffs. It has the particularity of emitting sounds thanks to small bones that beat on the swim bladder emitting a sound similar to a small drum.

Owl fish
It is a fish related to the better known gurnard, which populates not only the waters of the Mediterranean but also those of the Atlantic. The most visible feature of this species are the large pectoral fins, supported by long and robust rays, which when fully enlarged together form a large ellipse, which allows the fish to "glide" near the seabed. When disturbed, for example by a person snorkeling, it seems to emit clicks, perhaps to scare the aggressor, generated by the muscles rubbing against the wall of the swim bladder.

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