Are tickets refundable? 
All tickets are non- refundable for any reason. 

Can I pay by debit card?
Yes, you can pay by debit card.
During this Covid Emergency, it is recommended payment by card. 

Do you have audioguides?
No, at present no audioguide service is available.

After leaving, can I come back on the same day using the same ticket?
No, the admission ticket can be used once only.

Does the online ticket purchace give the right to skip the queue?
No, it doesn't give you the right to skip the queue. 

Are cloakroom facilities available?
No, at the moment a cloakroom service is not available. Automatic lochers are available at a costo of Euro 1,00 each with no time limit. 

Is the ticket office always open?
The ticket office closes 1h before the aquarium closes. 

Can I take photos inside Livorno Aquarium?
Yes, but for personal use only; flash photography is not permitted.

How long can I stay at the aquarium?
There are no time limits, as long as the aquarium opening and closing times are respected.

Is there a restaurant on the visitor itinerary?
No, there are no catering or refreshment points on the Livorno Aquarium visitor itinerary, and food and drinks cannot be brought into the aquarium.
Adjacent to the aquarium there is instead the new Surfer Joe’s Diner, an American-style restaurant offering excellent international cuisine and fast food. Open from breakfast-time to late at night, with evening concerts, DJ sets and other entertainment events.
Info and bookings on 0586-809211 Email: info@surferjoe.it - www.surferjoe.it

Is it possible to bring animals inside Acquario di Livorno? 
For hygienic-sanitary reasons, only small-sized dogs can be introduces inside Acquario di Livorno only if carried on harms or in their special dog carrier. 
It is not possible to brinf other animals inside Acquario di Livorno. 

How long is the visit?
The vist lasts about 1h30' - We remind that from the reptiles area it is possible to go to the Panoramic Terrace to admire the coast and the Tuscan Arcipelago. 

It is possible to book the park? 
No, at the moment it is not possible to book the park. 

Where is the nearest parking lot?
The closest car park is located in front of the Acquario di Livorno and currently it offers 120 parking spaces (for a fee),  of which 4 are free for disable people. 
Access to car park is authorized to accomodate 25 seater coaches, campers and roulettes, with a double rate. Entry is not permitted for 50 seater buses and coaches, motorcycles and scooters. 
Free parking is av
Where is the nearest parking lot?
The closest car park is located in front of the Aquarium and currently offers 120 parking spaces (for a fee), of which 4 are free for disabled people. Access to the car park is authorized to accommodate 25-seater coaches, campers and roulettes - with a double rate. Entry into the car park is not permitted for 50-seater buses and coaches, motorcycles and scooters.

What is not allowed to do inside Acquario di Livorno? 
It is not allowed to take photos with flash, film with the spotlight of cameras, consume food or drink, smoke and bring animals 


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