Reptile house

The visit will continue at first floor of Acquario di Livorno with this area where visitors can live an emotioning experience, the passage from water to the ground.

In a 120 sm area, visitors can admire some insects, amphibians and reptiles inside terrari.

In particular,  the dart frog, the mimetic camaleon, the stick insect, the giant african land snail and much more. 

At Acquario di Livorno on first floor is visible a real anthill with leaf cutting ants. 

The exhibit on first floor consists of 2 main cases, joined together by acrilic and transparent pipes. 

The leaf-cutter ants belong the to Atta Mexicana  genus and they usually collect leaves that are found in the areas sorrounding their nest.

This specimens do not consume vegetation, but rather use it as fertilizer to grow the fungus in a relationship of mutual symbiosis. 

The growing fungus produces small "inflorescences" that are consumed by the ants themselves as food. 

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