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Our Classroom is used during Didactical Laboratories to allow students to discover more about the various themes we examine, in a new and distinctly entertaining way. Teamwork, direct contact with marine organisms and the possibility of becoming “researchers” stimulate their natural desire to learn about the world around them, an important step towards respect for a planet that, despite everything, still cares for us.

In the Classroom there is a  70cm deep touchpool tank, containing live mediterranean fauna and flora. To complete the experience, dried biological matherial (sponges, corals, shells, crustaceans Exuvie,  Echinoderms, ...) that could be touched and analyzed by students during the workshops. The laboratory is also equipped with a stereoscopic microscope, connected to a monitor, with which having a tridimentional vision on their small particulars or planktonic organisms live.

2 Classroom Labs on first floor


Acquario di Livorno enlarges the space available for schools and students with two didactical rooms on the first floor: one is equipped with microscopes, students will live - during the activity - the experience of observing closely the smaller specimens of marine microcosm.

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