The octopus

The octopus tank was set up on the ground floor, once you exit the tropical gallery on the right, next to the wreck tank.

Composed of two tanks connected by a transparent acrylic pipe, it allows the octopus (Octopus vulgaris) to move from one side of the tank to the other passing through the pipe. The idea of ​​dedicating a tank to this well-known cephalopod mollusc is linked to the possibility of highlighting everything we do not commonly know about this animal. In fact, no one imagines that it has 3 hearts, that it is widespread in all the seas of the world and that it is able to "learn by association", that is, by observing the behavior of its fellows.

This ability, in particular, has been found in the animal kingdom only in some mammals, including humans! Furthermore, the total dedication of the females regarding the eggs, which they protect by sacrificing their own life until the birth of the last larva, is astonishing in an invertebrate.

For such an articulate protagonist, a specific tank had to be created where it is possible to highlight his cognitive abilities and see him interact with objects or food. It has 8 tentacles up to 1 meter long, with a double row of suckers. It can change color very fast. The absence of a skeleton allows it to pass through very narrow tunnels

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