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Acquario di livorno is committed to ensuring that its public is able to enjoy important and entertaining experiences, developing display itineraries that are exciting and full of surprises, a fantastic journey to accompany all our guests in their exploration of the sea and its secrets.

Acquario di Livorno approaches to the world of education, catering a multilevel and multi grade offer of educational activities, created by the Educational Department of Costa Edutainment S.p.A., following the principle of educational entertainment and privileging a deductive approach to learning.

Activities range from guided tour to themed tours, from didactical laboratories to the special "Behind the scenes"  tour, each one fulfilling to the Acquario di Livorno's mission to increase environmental awareness to protection and knowledge of the environment (in particular the marine) among general public and young generations.
Activities are held for minimum 15 paying persons. 

The spectacular replicas of the different environments make of Acquario di Livorno the perfect place for learning: teachers can guide their classes in analysis and study of special topics related to marine environment.

In respect of the educational and environmental awareness that distinguishes Acquario di Livorno, students will be active participants in observingcomparing and thinking with the aim of raising in them a proactive behaviour towards environmental conservation and protection.

Duration approximately 90 minutes- For info 0586/269111 -


Our Educational and Cultural Department aims to be an authentic reference point for all teachers intending to include a visit to the Acquario di Livorno in their annual teaching programme, offering visits with experts and projects with workshop activities,  a distance activity with an expert biologist and from this year also expert in class. 

During the course of each project, students are able to investigate a range of topics by means of direct experiences using special instruments.


Are you a teacher? You will have the opportunity to create a taillored visit choosing and combining different activities, that can be found in the Educational Brochure 2023/2024


Activities take place in groups of minumum 15 paying people.

Upon reservation for school groups, Acquario di Livorno is open every day of the year.

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