Focus tours for environmental education

These courses represent the opportunity to explore highly topical environmental issues, providing pupils and teachers the useful tools to learn how to remedy the damage caused by human activity, starting a coexistence harmonious and sustainable with Nature and its protagonists. Using particular areas of the Aquarium, through observation of display tanks and specific teaching aids, learning these concepts will be easier than in a lesson in the classroom, creating in the children a strong sense of responsibility and the incentive to take care of our planet. 

Available for Primary School, Secondary School I° and Secondary School II°. Activity held for a minimum of 15 paying persons.

Discovering the "cetacean sanctuary"

Target: Primary School (from the 3rd class) and Secondary School of I° and II° Grade  – Duration: 1h - Minimum number of participants: 15 paying persons.

The Mediterranean Sea is the second area in the world with the highest rate of biodiversity after the Amazon forest: inside, right in front of us, there is the heart of this biodiversity: the Pelagos Sanctuary!
Not everyone knows that predators play a fundamental role for Biodiversity, even in the Pelagos Sanctuary, and are therefore monitored every day by the scientific community to define the state of health of an ecosystem!
What are the predators swimming in the Tuscan sea? Come and find out with us, through this interesting focus which, in addition to introducing you to extraordinary creatures, will leave you with lots of food for thought, making you discover that we are the real predators!


The activity lasts 1h and costs Euro 3,00 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket to Acquario di Livorno). Teachers free. Prices for minimum 15 paying persons

The reckless life of sea turtles

Target: Primary School (from the 3th Class), Secondary School I° and Secondary School II° - Duration: 1h - Minimum participants: 15 paying persons. 

They are born from a small egg, ready to be catapulted into the sea, where they will see beautiful ones, without anyone having taught them how to live! What courage sea turtles!

They are often victims  of accidents, more or less serious, or they ingest plastic: in these cases we have a duty to help them get back on their feet and Acquario di Livorno is one of the authorized Recovery and Rehabilitation Centers in Italy, but to get them to we need everyone's help and it is often essential to give them the right first aid, waiting for the actual help to arrive! So, would you like to lend us a hand? You will learn tricks, techniques and useful numbers that will allow you to save the lives of turtles and other marine animals! In this way you will become little heroes of biodiversity!

The activity lasts 1 hour and costs Euro 3.00 per student (in addition to the entrance ticket to visit the facility). Free teachers. Rates for a minimum of 15 paying people.

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