Company Costa Edutainment S.p.A.

The mission of Costa Edutainment S.p.A., a leading Italian company in the edutainment sector, is to satisfy the growing demand for leisure time of higher quality, bringing together culture, education, emotions and entertainment in unique and significant experiences.

Specializing in the management of large public and private structures dedicated to recreational, cultural, educational and study activities and scientific research, in Genoa the company runs not only Genoa Aquarium but also the Galata Maritime Museum, where exhibits include the submarine S518 Nazario Sauro, the Children’s City and Biosphere attractions and the Bigo panoramic elevator.

Elsewhere in Italy, Costa Edutainment operates Livorno Aquarium and Cala Gonone Aquarium in Sardinia (since 1 September 2011, in collaboration with Panaque srl), and since January 2011 it has been the owner of Parco Le Navi, a company that together with Parco Le Navi Soc. Coop manages Cattolica Aquarium.

In recent years Costa Edutainment S.p.A.  has participated in and promoted important campaigns and international projects to raise public awareness on the theme of environmental education, and in particular on the responsible consumption of seafood products, the problem of the overexploitation of marine resources, and the need to use fisheries in a more rational and sustainable way.

The international “Choose the Right Fish” project and the Italian “Pesce ritrovato by Fishscale” project are promoted in collaboration with important partners, scientific institutions and national environmental associations, aiming to involve the entire seafood products supply chain, from the fishing industry to distribution and from the catering trade to final consumers.

Costa Edutainment fosters the development of responsible consumption habits in the public that conform to various criteria of sustainability.

The first recommended criterion is the choice of less exploited seafood species, which can help to reduce the pressure on more popular and exploited fishery stocks.

Secondly, Costa Edutainment proposes the concept of seasonality, one of the purposes of which is to allow species to follow correct cycles of reproduction.

Next is the concept of minimum landing sizes, which guarantees that only adult fishes are caught and contributes to species conservation.

Finally, Costa Edutainment promotes the consumption of local species, allowing consumers to be more certain of buying fresh products and boosting the local economy, helping to conserve traditions and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by long transport.

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