Pelagos Sanctuary and the Protected Area

The visit continues towards the tanks that refer to the theme of the Pelagos Sanctuary and the marine protected areas, from which a virtual immersion begins which leads to knowledge of the main submerged ecosystems of our coasts. This section of the itinerary has a first large tank that allows the public to discover the depths of the stretch of coast that winds from Livorno to the Piombino promontory and the animals that inhabit it with species such as bream, bream, gray mullet and bream.

The Pelagos Sanctuary was born in 1999 by bringing together 124 French municipalities, the Principality of Monaco and 111 Italian municipalities, including Livorno.

This area of ​​the Livorno Aquarium with its richly populated tanks wants to represent the Sanctuary and its high level of biodiversity which, along our coast, has allowed the establishment of special protected marine areas, such as those of the Secche della Meloria.


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