Gift shop

Acquario di Livorno is home to a large e bright Gift Shop full of thematic products declined with the animal stars' images (the green turtles "Ari" and "Cuba" and the Napoleon fish). 

The Giftshop - managed by Sillabe - is completely renewed with a new layout  and a wide range of products and merchandise and specialized objects, from papermaking to toys, from accessories to clothing and confectionery products.  

Shelves outfitted with peluches and toys on hand for adults and children, counters with helical structures, large and bright fitted walls. 

In line with the attention that Costa Edutainment and Sillabe always place on environmental and social sustainability, the renovated shop welcomes for the first time the line of peluches made almost exclusively with regenerated plastics, bioplastics, organic and recycled materials, the use of plastic products has been reduced by 30%.  Many of our articles are born in support of the WFO project for cleaning oceans around the world. 

Attention to the recovery and recycling of materials has always been a prerogative of our Group: therefore in 2022 with the neoprene wetsuits, used in the Acquario and then discarded, accessories and unique pieces will be created, giving new life to something that was intended to disposal. 

Welcome to the world of Costa Edutainment
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