Turtles Rehabilitation

Sea turtles are animals that have been present on our planet since 100 million years, but with the economic boom and the increasing naval traffic, their population suffered an important decline.

Their reproductive strategy,not taking care of neither nest nor young, limits their survival and, adding the problems related to fishing, pollution, ingestion of plastic and ship traffic, we can easily understand that turtles' life is not so easy, so they necessary need help or people whi can help them expecially when they are in danger!

Saving turtles means helping to keep alive a valid tool useful for assessing the health of seas and oceans. For this reason, ISPRA, together with the Ministry of the Environment, now called of the Ecological Transition, has drawn up the "Guidelines for the recovery, rescue, custody and management of sea turtles for the purposes of rehabilitation and for handling for scientific purposes".

The vocation of Acquario di Livorno for the rescue of sea tutles is now 30 years old: since 1990 with the Sea Turtles Prpject for the Tuscan coast, until the acquisition in 2017, under the guidance of Costa Edutainment S.p.A., of the derogation os a Recovery and Rehabilitation Center, the only long term hospital in Tuscany.

A work that the company sustains to give a tangible contribution to protect the environment, a work to which we can all contribute by making these suggestions our own!
  • Never throw plastic either in the sea or in land
  • Sail keeping a safety distance in presence of cetaceans and turtles
  • Report the presence of nests if there are traces of an emerged female
  • Report animals foud dead or in distress
To report please call 1530

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